Cremation Arrangements

Direct Cremation $895.00
Our charge for this service includes professional services of our Funeral Director and staff (consisting of consultation and arrangements with the authorizing agent, crematory and others as required), transfer of remains to the crematory, obtaining the basic service of funeral director and staff in preparing, filing and securing necessary authorizations, permits and notices; crematory fees; submitting the obituary notice to the local paper and filing the death certificate.  Cremation is performed as scheduled by the funeral director and staff.  This charge does not include viewing, chapel services or inurnment service.
Expedited Direct Cremation $995.00

You may wish to purchase a cremation casket.  Hawaii State law does not require the purchase of such a container.  The container encases the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials (with or without an outside covering).  

Cremation with cremation casket. $1200.00
Certified Copy of First Original Death Certificate $   10.00
Each additional Certified Copy $     4.00
Certified Mailing (1-19 copies) $    50.00
Certified Mailing (20-50 copies) $    95.00
Certified Mailing (50+) $  125.00
Certified Mailing (International) $ ........ ..

(Prices subject to change without notice)
All prices listed within these pages are subject to Hawai'i State Excise Tax.